How to Contact Importers?

How to Contact Importers? :

Overseas importers can be contacted or informed about the products by the following methods.

I. By corresponding and sending brochures and product literature to prospective overseas buyers

2. By undertaking trips to foreign markets and establishing personal rapport with overseas buyers. The number of trips will depend on your budget and resources. But it is essential for long-term success in international marketing to establish personal rapport. Foreign trip will provide first-hand information regarding the market, overseas customers, their requirement, taste, preference and better out communication of the merits of exporters' products.

3. Participation in buyer-seller meets and meeting the members of foreign delegation invited by Export Promotion Councils concerned

4. Participation in international trade fairs, seminars

5. Advertisement and publicity in overseas reputed newspapers and magazines as well as in popular websites which people usually visit - Facilities of free publicity can be availed from Import Development Centres.

6. Creating Websites and making it popular on international arena

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