How to Prepare for Interview?

How to Prepare for Interview? :

Do you wonder that despite a good resume why you have not landed a good job?

Most likely the problem lies with you and not with your resume. It’s not always that your resume gets you a dream job. It also depends how well you manage the interview part, especially the tough and tricky questions.

1. Be positive.

He further says that the candidate should be positive in saying, “I don’t know the other applicants, but generally I excel at...” and pick up strengths that most fit with what they’re seeking.

2. Maintain calmness.

Most of the candidates fail due to fear and tension. A candidate’s resume may be good. He may have good IQ but a successful interview depends also on emotional quotient. How well he handles the pressure questions. However, one should maintain calmness even if the interviewer howls.

3. Do your homework well.

The only way to handle such situation is to be confident, credible and constructive (accentuate the positive) in your answers. And more important is preparation for the interview. Plan and rehearse your verbal resume. You will almost always be asked, “Please tell us about yourself,” so be prepared with a good response, tailored to the job at hand. Prepare a written list of likely interview questions and job requirements. Prepare key points you need to make to demonstrate your specific accomplishments in each area.

Why did you leave your last job?

Why do you want this job?

What qualities do you think are required for this job?

Why have you had so many jobs?

Why should we appoint you?

What can you do for us that other people cannot?

What can we offer you that your previous company cannot?

What are your greatest achievements within and outside the workplace?

What are your great strengths and weaknesses?

How has your experience prepared you for this position?

If you are asked what questions you have and you don’t have any, the interviewer may get the impression you haven’t done your homework or aren't seriously interested in the position. Prepare your questions in advance and phrase them to demonstrate your insight and ability to handle the position.

4. Communication is the key skill.

Develop your verbal communications skills. I laving great management or technical skills and a strong record of accomplishment is not helpful if you can’t verbally convey you successes.

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  • Related Links : How to Prepare for Interview?