How to Type A Resume?

How to Type A Resume? :

In the current job market, it is very important to have all of your facts organized before you start your job search and creating and maintaining an up-to-date resume is the most important step in this process. Everyone, from a professional in upper management to someone just beginnmg a first job search, will benefit from keeping track of his or her skills and achievements. This page about the basic guide to resume writing has been designed to fill the gap identified by many and professional job counselors who need simple guidelines for resume writing as well as sample resumes from a variety of fields to share with clients. With help from an instructor, this page can be used by adults enrolled in basic education or workplace literacy classes. Other adults, ranging from college students to those with many years of work experience may wish to use this guide independently. Regardless of the situation, all will benefit from the most current advice from a range of career counseling experts on formatting, content, style and submission of both paper and electronic resumes.

AII of your educational, professional and personal accomplishments will not help you get a job if you cannot condense that information into a concise, polished resume. And while you may think resume writing is not one of your strengths, it's the skill that will do the most to get you to the next step - the job interview. With so much riding on the resume, you need help from the experts. Just follow the simple steps. In no time you'll produce a document that skillfully summarizes your qualifications and separates you from the rest of the pack. Whether you're changing careers, re-entering the job market or looking for your first job, this comprehensive guide will show you how to….

1. Present your educational and work experience in a way that highlights your specific job qualifications.

2. Use direct, active language to showcase your communication skills.

3. Prevent potential pitfalls that could land your resume in the circular file.

4. Draw from dozens of sample resumes to construct a template that works for your needs.

5. Impress your potential employer at first glance with professional - quality proofreading, formatting and printing.

6. Keep your name on the short hiring list with effective cover letters and follow-up correspondence.

7. Create a scannable resume for electronic submission.

We wish you the best of luck finding the job of your dreams!

By The Editors of VGM Career Books

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