How to Write Resume

How to Write Resume : If you have not gained any qualifications, this section can be quickly dealt with. Rather than draw attention to your lack of qualifications, simply miss out this section from your CV.

Dealing With or Without Qualifications

This is not something to be embarrassed about. Most graduates will tell you their biggest downfall can often be lack of work experience. If you don't have any qualifications, see this as an opportunity to expand further on your skills and experience.

Year From to

_ Name of company in which you worked :

_ Job title :

Brief description of duties and responsibilities :

In what ways did the company expect to benefit from me doing that job?

What would the consequence have been to the company if I had done the job wrong?

What skills did I use in this role in relation to :

People skills :

Manual / practical skills :

Communication skills :

Mathematical / mental skills :

Creative skills :

Problem-solving skills :

For those who do have qualifications, we are already discovering that a CV is a very personal document. Its presentation and style will vary depending on the individual's circumstances and aspirations. How you present your qualifications will also vary; however, here are some points to consider.

Always list your most advanced qualifications first. If you have a degree, this should be seen by the reader first, not your GCSE results.

List all your subjects and grades only if this was required for the position or if you are applying to go into further education. Otherwise, you can present the information in a brief form.

Example :

You are applying for a job having spent eleven years in your previous position. Your qualifications are presented as follows…

1995 - BA Hons degree in History from Nottingham University

1992 - 2 A Levels in History and Geography

1990 - 8 0 Levels (including English and Maths)

Example : How to Write Resume

You are applying for a place to study for a diploma in business studies at a college of further education.

2001 - Currently studying for 2 A levels in Economics and Information Technology

1999 - 6 GCSEs in the following: Economics (B), Information Technology (B), Physics (C), English Language (C), Humanities (C), French (C)

The emphasis and space you give to your qualifications will therefore vary depending on your objectives. So, state that in your resume accordingly.

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