Institutional Support for Exporters

Institutional Support for Exporters :

A number of institutions in India are engaged in export promotion activities in their respective fields. Exporters should contact them for the necessary assistance.

Export Promotion Councils (EPCs) also known as registering authorities

Commodity Boards assisting the exporters in the same manner as the Export Promotion Councils

Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FlEO) is an apex organisation coordinating and supplementing the export promotional activities of various organisations and institutions.

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (lIFT) develops and organiscs new training programmes, research and market studies in the field of foreign trade.

Indian Institute of Packaging (lIP) for improving the standard of packaging for various benefits

Export Inspection Council (EIC) provides sound development of export trade through quality control and pre-shipment inspection

Indian Council of Arbitration promotes the use of commercial arbitration in India.

India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) provides facilities concerning participation in fairs and exhibitions in India and abroad.

Chambers of Commerce & Industry helps in issuing certificate of origin and taking up specific cases of exporters to the Government.

Bureau of India Standards (BIS) is engaged in standard formulation, certification marking and laboratory testing.

Export Directorate of Development Commissioner and Small Scale Industries

Scope Shipping Standing Committee functioning in the Ministry of Commerce resolves the problems relating to quality, adequacy and cost of transportation problems faced by the exporters.

Textiles Committee carries pre-shipment inspection of textiles and market research for textile yarns, textile machines etc.

Marine Products Export Development Authority helps in the development of marine products meant for export with special reference to processing, packaging, storage and marketing etc.

India Investment Centre (IIC), advises and assists Indian businessmen for setting up of industrial or other joint ventures abroad.

Freight Investigation Bureau assists in solving problems relating to freight rates, shipping space and regular shipping facilities etc.

Indian Government Trade Representative at various important cities in foreign countries assists Indian exporters regarding promotion of Indian products to the World Market.

Foreign Govt. Trade Missions in India help in marketing Indian products to their markets.

Directorate of Drawback in the Ministry of Finance fixes drawback rates of items exported. It also formulates the procedure and documents required or claim of duty drawback.

Board of Trade in the Ministry of Commerce provides of forum for ensuring continuous dialogue with trade and industry in respect of major developments in the field of international trade.

Office of the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) is responsible for execution of the import and export policies of the Government of India. It has various subordinate offices in India.

Director General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics (DGCIS) is the primary agency for the collection, compilation and the publication of the foreign, inland and ancillary trade statistics and dissemination of various types of commercial information.

State Laison officers appointed by the State Governments develop export trade in goods produced in their States in consonance with the policies of the Central Government.

Niryat Bandhus are the nodal officers nominated by the states for export promotion work.

Air Cargo Task Force focuses attention and resolves problems faced by trade in the air freight industry.

Export Facilitation Committee set up by the Government looks into the problems of generic nature faced by the exporters and which have not been resolved as a result of their interaction with the concerned agencies in the Ministry of Commerce or other Ministries/Departments.

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