Interview Dress Code

Interview Dress Code :

Discussion Interviews

These are totally unstructured interviews and used when there are a large number of individuals to be interviewed. The interviewees are given a subject - usually a topic of general interest – and asked to discuss it. The intent of this land of interview is to see how articulate an individual is and to ascertain his leadership qualities. Usually one or two dominate the discussion. It will also help interviewees determine who are logical in their arguments and who talk just for the sake of making a sound. It separates the mature from the immature, the quick thinkers from the plodders and the well-read from the ignorant.

Campus Interviews

Campus interviews are conducted by the larger companies at the more prestigious institutions - the intent being to net the crème de la crime of students. The company usually informs the placement officer of the kind of persons they are looking for. The placement officer circulates this to the students and those interested in the company advise the officer of their interest. The placement officer then evaluates the suitability of the students who have shown an interest and then makes a list. The interviewers from the company then visit the campus, meet the students chosen and make their choice. This is a fair method and good at the entry level.

Compatibility / Adaptibility Interviews

In these interviews, candidates are given problems to solve. These problems are sometimes scientifically developed to see how compatible the individual will be to a particular job. These cannot be the sole basis for selection though and must lead on to a face-to-face interview.

Irrespective of the type of interview, you should be prepared. One way would be to get family members / friends to role-play. Remember, practice makes perfect. There are no shortcuts to success.

You must remember that the best-qualified person does not necessarily get the job. It is one who presents himself / herself confidently, speaks well and sells himself / herself at the interview. And this can be despite the fact that others may have better qualifications and more experience. The person who makes the interviewer believes that he has that extra magic and that the company cannot afford not to have him / her, is the one who will get the job. The extra magic is really preparation. Successful persons will tell you that to succeed there is no substitute for hard work. Similarly for a good interview there is no substitute for preparation.

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