Interview for Job

Interview for Job :

You need a job after your graduation. This is when the challenge begins. You have just graduated and you want a job. Or you have been downsized and need a job. Or you are bored in your present job and want a change. The reasons may be diverse. The mission is to secure the job that you want.

The first point I would like to stress is that you must be choosy regarding the job/position that you are applying for. Apply for only those that interest you. Do not apply willy-nilly for all those that are advertised in the hope that you will land one. You may land it but hate the work and every day would be drudgery. On the other hand if you are in a job that you enjoy, you will look forward to going to work every day and love every minute of it. My friend once mentioned to me, “If you can make your hobby your work, you will never have to work again."

In the past, most job aspirants did not have many choices. They were limited to becoming executives, doctors, engineers or chartered accountants. Then again, there were limited choices and opportunities for an executive. At that time, the opportunities were mainly in manufacturing companies. Companies were not particularly customer-focused (that was probably due to the fact that it was at that time mainly a seller's market). That has changed dramatically. Competition has become intense and companies have begun wooing customers. It is now a buyer's market and buyers are being, for the first time, offered multiple choices. As a consequence all companies, especially service companies, have become customer-centric. This has led to the proliferation of jobs and openings. The opportunities in the service industry, for example, are truly mind-boggling. Newer industries such as event management, software animation and others have come into their own. You have a lot of choices and therefore you should aim for the job that you want and are interested in. Only then will you be able to put your best foot forward.

I know a very talented young lady who worked for a multinational bank for a year as a relationship person in their corporate banking division. She loved the work and did an excellent job. She was good with people, very presentable and intelligent. She is also very creative and likes to sketch. She enjoys creative computer programs. To develop this skill further, she went abroad to Harvard for a short sunnner course on software animation. She returned to India and joined the creative department of an advertising company, which worked on animation for the film and advertising industries. Every day became a new exciting challenge for her. Then one day she decided that she needed to decide on a career. Her choice initially was to return to the bank that had earlier employed her. She liked the position and it seemed the right thing to do. And what's more, it paid very well. Then before she made the fmal decision she discussed this with others and it dawned on her that it is not the money that is important. It is the love for what one does. She realized that one must have passion for the job and if you have that money, position and eminence will follow. She wisely chose a creative position and has not looked back since.

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