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Interview Guide :

The Interview Call :

You have passed the first hurdle when you receive a communication that you have been invited to attend an interview.

What does this mean? It means that the prospective employer, after having read your curriculum vitae / resume, believes that you have the required experience / knowledge / academic qualifications for the position that he has advertised. It means that he would like to meet with you to take it further.

However, you must be aware that there could be other candidates for the position too and that the interviewer intends to meet and assess them before he arrives at the all-important decision of whom he should offer the position to. It is therefore essential that you prepare to put yourself in an advantageous position vis-a-vis the other candidates as opposed to sitting back and waiting for the interview.

Communication :

You are likely to be advised that you have been called for the interview by letter or by phone. The information that would be conveyed would normally be….

• The date, time and venue of the interview. You are normally expected to confirm that you will attend.

• Whom you should seek when you arrive at the venue.

• Who will interview you (this is often not stated).

• What you should take with you.

• Whether your expenses to attend the interview would be met.

If you are free and able to attend, it would be polite and professional to write and confirm to the person who has written to you that you would be pleased to attend. If the prospective employer telephones you, you should confirm pleasantly that you will meet the interviewers at the time suggested.

Often, the time or the date may not be suitable. The first issue that you have to decide is whether the earlier engagement that you have entered into is more pressing. You have to remember that thereiis the possibility that the interviewer may not be able to give you another date. If the job is important, you should make the time to attend the interview because….

• Getting a good job is important. If you lose this opportunity you may not get another crack at the job.

• Agreeing to meet the interviewer at the time he requests shows your interest in the job.

• Interviewers do not interview all the time. It is often fairly difficult to get a panel together.

• There may be pressure to fill a position if the company is short-staffed.

However, if the other matter is more pressing and you cannot go to the interview, it would be polite to call the person who has sent you the letter or the person to whom you are to confirm whether you can make it and explain your difficulty. If the reason is genuine they will do what they can to help because they would like to meet you too.

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