Interview Job Question Typical

Interview Job Question Typical :

Match the requirements of the job with the skills that you possess. Find out what the current needs of the organisation are. Which of their needs can you meet?

Next, consider the job opening. What are the skills needed?

Finally, list concrete examples to prove that you possess the skill required. A sales representative will need good interpersonal skills, the ability to deal with difficult people. To support this, you should have examples of when you used the skill, exhibited the characteristic or handled the problem. This will not only give you short stories to narrate in an interview, it will also bolster your confidence and target your job search.

Focus on the aspects of your experience that apply specifically to the position that you're applying for.

Each organisation has its own culture. Orient your responses to give the listener a feeling that you could fit in and do the job.

Strengths : There can be several ways in which this question can be posed.

Why should we hire you?

What are your three greatest strengths?

What can you contribute to our organisation?

We've interviewed a number of highly qualified people for this position. What sets you apart from the others?

What are your strong points and how have they helped you to succeed?

The organisation is looking to solve a problem and you are selling yourself as a solution. While enumerating your strengths, do not sound boastful or conceited. Be matter of fact and show how these strengths will benefit the company. You should explain how you hope to contribute to the organisation.

Weaknesses :

It is often difficult to discuss your weaknesses or even enumerate them because it means admitting that you are not perfect. There is the possibility that these imperfections may result in your not being offered a position.

Some of the ways this question may be asked are...

Name your three greatest weaknesses.

What part of your current job are you least comfortable with?

What are your weak points and how have you overcome them?

In which area do you need to make an improvement?

These are delicate questions. Yet, it is also an opportunity to damn yourself with faint praise and turn what may seem a weakness to a strength. For example, your inability to accept anything that is less than perfect: "I cannot leave a job half-done and usually find myself thinking of possible solutions to problems while I am driving to work or in the shower."

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