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Interview Job :

Career planning is one of the most crucial aspects of any person's life. A person likes to become a doctor but he gets a seat in engineering. Naturally, making a suitable career option is the most important task for a student. It is the student who should decide about his career. A father may desire his son to become an engineer. But his son may become an artist. So no one knows the candidate more than himself.

Remember, in today's competitive world, the best jobs go to the best informed and the best prepared.

As a candidate (of course by the time you become a graduate) make a list of your plus, points and minus points. Understand and judge. Better know what actually you want and what is required to get it.

Jayanti Ghose, an eminent writer and the author of the best seller 'Career Guide' writes : Beyond gathering information on factors such as different career options, the eligibility criteria, the premier institutions from where the required qualification for a certain career could be acquired, variables such as attitudes, abilities and inclinations also play a major role.

You must have a thorough knowledge of the various career options available according to your qualifications.

Employers use interviews to see if your career goals are in line with opportunities available with their organisation in addition to your knowledge, skills and willingness. They also look for the potential in prospective employees to become valued, trusted, productive team members of their organisation.

You may look into leading national dailies, career magazines, career guides to know about various career options. You may even have contact with career oriented students and successful people who better guide you. However, a career should allow a person to grow and promote him to the higher cadres.

The personality traits are essential for a personnel whether on the executive or the creative side. Some of them usually looked for are listed under ...

Ability to take imitiative

Alertness to the crisis

Capacity for hard work consistently

Capacity to motivate team members


Drive to take responsibilities

Dynamisim to produce results



Good eyesight

Good health

Imagination with feasible-outlook

Interest in problem solving

Keen desire to up date knowledge

Keen observation

Optimistic out look everywhere


Patience in crisis


Practical approach to scientific problems

Scientific Temper



Sense of responsibility


Subject Knowledge

Talking fluendly

Unbiased approach

Willingness to take decisions

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