Interview Question and Answer

Interview Question and Answer :

1. How does your education qualify you for this job?

2. Why did you choose to attend the college that you are attending / attended?

3. What aspect of your education applies to this position?

4. What training have you received that qualifies you for this job?

5. What have you done apart from formal education to improve yourself?

6. What training opportunities have you taken advantage of and why?

7. Which courses that you took will contribute the most to your effective performance in this job?

8. What was the single most important lesson that you learnt in school?

9. Why did you choose the college that you attended?

10. Why did you select the major that you selected?

11. Tell us about your extra-curricular activities.

12. What aspects of your education will assist you in the job that you are seeking?

13. If we were to ask your professors what is the single most outstanding quality that you possess, what would they say?

Translating college experiences to job-needed skills is an art in itself. Look over your courses, part-time assignments and summer jobs. Do not neglect any other activities such as involvement in clubs, debates, theatre and sports. Think of all the skills that are needed to perform the job you are being interviewed for. Lots of skills are transferable and highly valued such as communication, delegating and organising. You should at first think in terms of verbs - action or work that the person would have to do. Then you should think in terms of adjectives. These adjectives should describe the person doing the job. These may be calm, patient, decisive, incisive and creative. Find out examples of these attributes in your experience and/or coursework. For example, if you had done several extensive reports that involved research, time management and organisational skills, tell short stories that prove your expertise.

Let the interviewer know your thoughts during the interview and ask them as a professional if your thinking is correct. If nothing else, you will turn this meeting into an informational interview with the possibility that the person you are meeting with will suggest alternative directions and sources to turn to. Get the person to talk about how she/he got into the field and what advice she/he could now give you.

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  • Related Links : Interview Question and Answer