Interview Question List

Interview Question List :

Hairstyle :

If you have hair sprouting from your ears or peeping out your nose, get rid of them. Many dislike these and it can ruin your chances of impressing your interviewers.

Women should check that they do not have facial hair. If they do, these must be removed. This can be by waxing or by some other method. Care should be taken to ensure that the skin is not damaged, though. A lady I know used excessive wax while removing facial hair. It bumt her skin and she sported a bad colour for several weeks (which she had to hide whenever she went out with large amounts of makeup).

Nails and Hands :

Hands should always look clean and well cared for. Hand creams that moisturise the hands are available.

Nails should be clean, smooth and well-shaped. They should be manicured. The cuticles should be neat. Rough and broken skin around the nails, nails that are too long, chipped nail polish or badly-cut nails do not give.a positive impression. Women's nails can be of some length but should not be like talons. Long nails can be distracting. Creams are also available to nourish the nails. Bitten nails suggest nervousness. If you, as a lady, wear nail polish, make sure it's a subtle colour and neatly done. I don't expect men to wear nail polish for an interview. It will not normally be appreciated and interviewers may jump to wrong conclusions.

Teeth :

Smiling is good. It makes meetings pleasant. However, to smile often you should ensure your teeth are good and well-cared for. It must be pleasant to look at. While your teeth may not be perfect and you may not be blessed with a Binaca' smileā€¦ you should ensure that they are clean and white (and not yellow or black). It can be terrible (even unnerving) when a person with blackened or yellowed teeth smiles at you.

You should brush your teeth at least twice a day. Flossing will help to ensure that the remnants of an earlier meal are not wedged in your teeth. I would also suggest a visit to your dentist before the all-important interview to have your teeth professionally cleaned, especially if they are not evenly coloured or whitish.

Makeup :

You should remember that you are going for an iriterview and not to a party. Therefore the makeup should be sober and businesslike, not garish and over-bright. Avoid bright red lipstick and excessive rouge. To be perceived as confident, women must wear tastefully-applied makeup. Well-applied makeup conveys high self-esteem and confidence. It says that you pay attention to details.

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