Interview Question Sample

Interview Question Sample :

The day before the meeting is very important as it will be the time when you take stock of yourself and plan for that most important cf days-the Interview Day.

Document Check

First of all, take out the letter inviting you for the interview. Check once again the venue. Read the letter carefully to ensure that you have noted all the significant (and the not-so-significant) matters mentioned in the letter.

Ensure that you have taken out and will take with you…

• The letter inviting you for the interview

• Your educational certificates

• Your sports and other achievement certificates

• Testimonials or letters given to you by persons of reputationl / authority

• Your salary certificate (some employers may ask to see it. This is another reason why it would be good to stick to the facts).

Keep all these in a folder or in a briefcase to ensure that you do not forget them.


Go through the letter inviting you to the interview and ensure that you have all the information on where you are to meet the interviewers and that you have gathered the documents you need to take with you. Revise or read through the information that you have gathen about the company and its people.

Go through the possible questions that you may be asked and practice answering them. If possible, do this with a family friend or a relative.


Have a light dinner. It is sometimes safe to have a vegetarian dinner. The last thing you want at the time of your interview is an upset or queasy stomach or acidity.

Keep away from alcohol. You do not want to be with a hangover. Your mind has to be sharp and alert.


You need to look your best. So if a haircut is required, please have a haircut. If you have a beard / moustache have it trimmed.


Layout the clothes you plan to wear to the interview. Ensure they are well-ironed and clean. Ensure that your shoes a polished.

Travel Plans

Ensure your travel plans to the interview are sorted out. If you plan to drive, there should be adequate petrol in your car and air in your tyres. If you plan to go there by some other mode, ensure that you have adequate money for the fare and that you know the timings and every other details.


Have an early night. You should have a good night's sleep as you must be fresh for the interview and well-rested. Use an alarm clock to make sure that you wake up well in time for the interview.

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