Interview Question to Ask

Interview Question to Ask :

What are the reasons for your success in this profession?

With this question, the interviewer is not interested in examples of your success. He wants to know what makes you tick. Keep your answers short, general and to the point. Using your work experience, personalise and use value keys from your personal profile, professional profile and business profile.

For example….

I attribute my success to three Reasons.

The support I’ve always received from co-workers which always encourages me to be cooperative and look at my specific job in terms of what we as a department are trying to achieve.

This gives me great pride in my work and its contribution to the department’s efforts.

Finally, I find that every job has its problems and while there’s always a costly solution, there’s usually an economical one as well, whether it’s in terms of time or money.

Then give an example from your experience that illustrates those points.

Did you enjoy independent research for new projects?

The answer to this question should definitely be YES. Explain how you enjoyed the independent research. This will develop a faith of you being independent. The interviewer will be able to achieve confidence in your capabilities of handling a project autonomously.

Do you think you can adapt to a wide range of people and environments?

The ideal way to describe your adaptation skills is through an example. Talk about the way you beautifully dealt with people of different backgrounds during your servicing days in college. Try and mention a particular incident where you were able to resolve a situation with your charm and communication skills.

What steps would you take to solve a problem?

Here you can prove your capability to make a calculated decision. Acquaint the steps very carefully. Say that you first analyze the situation as it is very important to understand the problem to find the apt solution. Then you think about the consequences and feasibilities of every solution available. Once all the options are explored, you make the decision in favor of the best available option. Do also state the importance of timing while making a decision.

Do you think that scheduling your time is important?

Here make the interviewer understand that you know the value of time. You believe that to meet deadlines one should always calculate the time required and the time available. By doing this, a person will exactly know where he stands and what more is required to meet the deadline.

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