Interview Questions Answers

Interview Questions Answers :

Experience :

Experience is often more important than qualification. It shows the ability to manage the job in hand.

1. How are you qualified for this job?

2. How does your current job qualify you for this position?

3. How does your experience qualify you for this job?

4. What steps have you taken to improve your job skills?

5. What significant contributions have you made to the operation of your work group?

6. How has your current position prepared you to take on greater responsibilities?

7. What makes you more qualified than the other candidates?

8. How has your job prepared YO\l to take on greater responsibility?

9. Tell us about your qualifications for this position.

10. In the areas where your experience is inadequate for this job, what steps will you take to make up for these shortfalls?

11. What is the greatest failure you've had? What would you have done differently?

12. Tell us about a difficult situation that you encountered and how you resolved it.

13. "You have no experience." This is a refrain many students hear. It can be frustrating. How does one get experience if one is not given an opportunity? Everyone starts with no experience. They gather experience over time. Lack of experience may not be a deficiency if you are industrious, efficient and a quick learner. You must impress on the prospective employer the interest you have in the position and how keen you are on it. This can be done by researching the company and seeking information either from existing employees or from others about the company.

Problem-solving Ability :

Executives are hired to solve problems, not pass them on upwards. Therefore questions will be asked on your ability to approach and solve problems. For instance, to determine your ability, the following problem may be posed.

You are the assistant manager of a factory. Ten persons have not reported for work and as a consequence a vital process cannot be completed. The manager is away and cannot be reached. It is possible to hire temporary labour to complete this task. Your director will not be in for three hours. If you wish to seek permission from him and then hire, the process will not be completed. What will you do?

Managers need to manage. They have to be logical and solve problems-not take them for others to solve.

Some questions that could be asked areā€¦.

Provide us with an example of your problem-solving ability.

What are the essential elements of effective problem-solving?

Tell us about a situation in which you were required to analyse and solve a complex problem.

How have you incorporated collaborative problem-solving in your organisation?

What are the benefits of collaborative problem-solving?

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