Interview Questions Common 

Interview Questions Common :

An individual’s speech needs to be clear, concise and brief. He/she should say what needs to be said in such a way that it is comprehended appropriately.

The CV needs to be brief and to the point, highlighting the relevant and outstanding capabilities in the appropriate areas. Never write what you are not or have not done. Remember the job you are applying for and what it requires. Ensure that you have those skills and knowledge and the CV projects them.

Punctuality is an indication of discipline and work ethics and will be reflected in daily interactions and schedules. Hence it is important if you are delayed to inform all those affected in advance.

Job knowledge and education… the former is critical and the primary reason for hiring. It should be structured, conceptualized into the whys and hows. An individual should not just rely on the rote method. He/she should have complete knowledge and should have done research on the background and theory of what he/she is doing and what is happening in that area now. Education is critical in the early part of one’s career, as that is the fulcrum to leverage one’s career. Present it in a clear and transparent way.

Family background is the basis of our personality. It is legitimate to ask about it in certain areas and wrong to even broach on the topic in many countries. If it’s being discussed, be clear, proud and open to the extent you are comfortable with. Don’t be tentative. Say what you really want to say or else politely decline to discuss the matter.

Other factors….be clear what you are good at and project that. Before that, look for jobs which can leverage what you are good at - this cannot be some motherhood competencies like….intelligent, like people, work in teams etc. You should be more specific and business-related.

Pramod Rao - Chairman and Managing Director – Zicom

Grooming is important. The manner in which the interviewee is dressed reflects the person s personality. I look at their attitude.

The manner in which they speak is important if it is critical to the position. If the person is being hired for sales or customer support, then communication becomes an important skill set.

Punctuality is important.

I get turned off by two things - if the bio-data shows the applicant has changed too many jobs and if he/she goes on talking about his/her achievements. I can’t compromise on quality for these superficial things.

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