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Interview Tip :

After you have decided on what interests you and the job / career that you should pursue, the next step is to find it. Who requires a person with your interests, qualifications and experience? How do you find the company where you will be happy and grow? The sources are diverse.

Newspapers The Sunday newspapers, afternoon papers and midweek newspapers contain multiple advertisements. These are, for ease of the reader, classified into industry/professional categories.

Magazines Magazines, especially business magazines, list job vacancies both in India and abroad.

Internet There are several job portals on the Internet where job-seekers and employers can post their requirements. These can be freely browsed through and one can make an approach if a job seems interesting.

Conversation You may hear of a vacancy while conversing with someone. I remember a lawyer mentioning to a friend of mine that a client of his was looking for a chief executive. During the conversation my friend realised that the position interested him and he said so. The result was that a meeting was arranged for my friend with the chairman of the company. They liked each other and my friend was offered the job.

Friends and Relatives Friends and relatives can be very helpful and can inform you of jobs that are available. If there is a job you are interested in and a friend or relative of yours knows someone in that organisation, that person can be spoken to and you can be assured of an interview. If your friend/relative knows them exceedingly well. It is possible that you may be even offered a job at the interview.

Headhunters / Employment Agencies The business of headhunters / employment agencies is to find employees for their principals (the company that has retained them to find the person / persons it requires). Meeting headhunters and registering yourself with them can be useful as they are in a position to forward your curriculum vitae and other details to a number of organisations.

Cold Call If you have identified a company you would like to work for, you could call on them or telephone them. If they are in another city / town you could send your curriculum vitae by post. It may result in a rebuff. But it could land you a job too. I know of someone who approached a company that did not have a vacancy. With some difficulty and a great deal of persistence he met the head of human resources. The HR head was impressed by his perseverance and outgoing personality and arranged a meeting with the sales director who met him and told him of the exposure that the candidate lacked. The individual spent the next three months gaining the experience the company thought was important and went back. The sales director, impressed by his resourcefulness and dedication, hired him as a salesperson. This individual later rose to be the sales director of the company.

There are multiple sources from where you can get information about vacancies and many ways of approaching companies for a job. You should remember that if you require a job you must seek it industriously. You cannotbe laid back and expect it to fall in your lap. That cannot and will not happen.

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