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Interview Tips :

There has been an upheaval in the country during the past few years. Exciting companies have entered the developing countries. There have been voluntary retirements. There was both the dotcom boom and the dotcom bust. There 'have been downsizings. Some companies have closed down their businesses while others are rushing to set up BPOs and so on. The result has been opportunities for new and exciting careers and also the need to seek employment (if you have been voluntarily retired, downsized or without a job). Young people who have finished their studies and corning into the real world are fmding it more and more difficult to get appropriate jobs. For the first time, even students from premier management institutes are not being grabbed by the better companies.

There are two imperatives-to be called for an interview and to succeed at the interview. Recently, the head of human resources of a multinational spoke to the placements officer of a highly regarded management school who' had sent several of its better students for an interview. The placements officer was told that while his students were academically excellent, the company could not hire them because they did not present themselves well. This brings to sharp focus the need to know how to conduct oneself at an interview.

This page addresses three imperatives-how to ensure that you are called for an interview, how to prepare for it and finally how you should conduct yourself at the interview. This page highlights and makes you aware of the issues that you should know. In short, it will tell you how to best position yourself to get the job you want.

With competition being as intense as it is, it is necessary to present yourself well-prepared, with that extra magic that gets you the position that you are seeking. This page will help you to present yourself with that extra magic.

You must remember that the best-qualified person does not necessarily get the job. It is one who presents himself / herself confidently, speaks well and sells himself / herself at the interview. And this can be despite the fact that others may have better qualifications and more experience. The person who makes the interviewer believes that he has that extra magic and that the company cannot afford not to have him / her, is the one who will get the job. The extra magic is really preparation. Successful persons will tell you that to succeed there is no substitute for hard work. Similarly for a good interview there is no substitute for preparation.

My aim has been to take you by the hand through the various stages of seeking a new job or assignment and to help you get the position you have applied for. To be successful at an interview you must eliminate any danger of being rejected. This page will make you aware of the pitfalls and how to avoid them.

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