Introduction to Business Letters

Introduction to Business Letters :

Introduction to Business Letters :

The ability to write a good business letter is an accomplishment highly prized in the modern business world. Many great houses depend upon their correspondence for their business. In such cases the letter-writers are most important factors in the organization. Innumerable occasions arise when a business house would give almost anything for a good letter to suit the occasion. Thousands of business men are striving continuously to improve the style and character of their letters. For all these reasons, Business Correspondence is a desirable subject of study. It can be made to pay large dividends on a small investment of time and labor. The young man who can write a good letter soon becomes a marked man, if not a man of mark. He is sure to be a picked man and if he continues to cultivate the accomplishment. He may reap large rewards.

Thomas H. Russell

After reading these words of a famous business author Thomas H. Russell, we have to conclude that the ability to write a business letter is a must for a business man. Letters will be written between companies and among the people working in the companies. Here are the required tools which we have to use to develop the ability. Although the ultimate aim of the business letter is getting things done across the table, a good business letter will develop the rapport between the organizations which indulge in this process of business correspondence. Such a rapport which is being developed over a period of time will withstand the test of time and help both the companies overcome the pitfalls of the marketing situations. We have seen such a rapport between nations which help each other without getting anything in return. The sense of good and matured adult feeling between companies and organizations is what we have to nurture by writing the business letters.

  1. Introduction to Business Letters
  2. The Parts of A Business Letter
  3. The Heading of A Business Letter
  4. The Introductory Address in A Business Letter
  5. The Salutation in A Business Letter
  6. Titles in A Business Letter
  7. The Complimentary Close in A Business Letter
  8. The Signature in A Business Letter
  9. Folding of A Business Letter
  10. The Envelope Address in A Business Letter
  11. Composition of A Business Letter
  12. Clear Business Letter
  13. Cautious Business Letter
  14. Effective Business Letter
  15. Brief Business Letter
  16. How to Begin A Business Letter?
  17. How to Close A Business Letter?
  18. Compound Words in Business Letters
  19. Syllabication in Business Letters
  20. Use of Abbreviations in Business Letters
  21. Abbreviations of The Names of The Months
  22. Abbreviations of The Names of The United States
  23. Abbreviations of Commercial Terms
  24. Use of Figures in Business Letters
  25. Capital Letters in Business Letters
  26. Uses of Comma in Business Letters
  27. Uses of Semicolon in Business Letters
  28. Uses of Colon in Business Letters
  29. Uses of Period in Business Letters
  30. Uses of Interrogation Point in Business Letters
  31. Uses of Exclamation Point in Business Letters
  32. Uses of Dash in Business Letters
  33. Uses of Quotation Marks in Business Letters
  34. Paragraphing Business Letters
  35. The Mechanical Make-Up of A Business Letter
  36. Properly Displayed Business Letter
  37. Letters Ordering Goods
  38. Letter Ordering Goods
  39. Business Letter Ordering Goods
  40. Business Letter Acknowledging Orders
  41. Business Letter for Subscription
  42. Letter for Subscription
  43. Business Letters with Enclosures
  44. Business Letters Acknowledging Remittances
  45. Letter Acknowledging Remittance
  46. Letters Acknowledging Remittance
  47. Letters of Recommendation
  48. General Letter of Recommendation
  49. Special Letter of Recommendation
  50. Letters of Introduction
  51. Letter of Introduction
  52. Business Letter of Introduction
  53. Letters of Application
  54. Opening Paragraphs of Letters of Application
  55. Business Letter of Application
  56. Application Cover Letters
  57. Business Letters of Applications
  58. The Sales Letters
  59. Sales Letter - 1
  60. Sales Letter - 2
  61. The Art of Securing Attention
  62. Sales Letter for A Business Book
  63. Arousing Interest and Holding It
  64. Important Facts of Life
  65. How to Create Desire?
  66. Letter of Persuasion
  67. Letter of Inducement
  68. Letter of Argument
  69. The Closing Part of A Business Letter
  70. How to Close Business Letters?
  71. How to Get Action?
  72. Typically Wrong Business Letter
  73. Perfect Business Letter
  74. Adjustment Letters
  75. Reply to A Complaint Letter
  76. Reply to The Complaint Letter
  77. The Collection Letter
  78. The Best Quote of STEVE JOBS
  79. The First Collection Letter
  80. The Second Collection Letter
  81. The Third Collection Letter
  82. The Fourth Collection Letter
  83. Collection Letter

Introduction to Business Letters :

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