Job Interview Answer

Job Interview Answer :

Do not ask a question for the sake of asking. Avoid the interrogation trap of questioning the interviewer on something he has already responded to. It suggests distrust or that you are trying to outwit the interviewer. You should not do this as you cannot afford to antagonise the interviewer. Ask the most important question first and then the next in importance. This is because the interviewer may not have time for more than a couple of questions. It is therefore important to ensure that you have answers to key questions.

If all your questions have been answered during the course of the interview, then there is no need to ask a question for the sake of asking.

Do not give an impression that you had no questions to ask. That will not show you in a good light.

The End

When the interview ends….

Gather the items you might have placed on the table (or on the floor) during the interview. Put your papers neatly back in the folder.

Stand up and straighten up your clothes.

Smile and shake hands with the interviewer (making eye contact).

Thank your interviewers for their time.

Impress upon them that you are very keen on the job.

Exit by closing the door quietly behind you.

Be concise, logical and to the point. Use short sentences.

While a smile is expected, loud laughter is inappropriate at an interview, as is giggling. However, if it is the interviewer who has cracked a joke and is the type who expects a reaction, it can be hara-kiri not to laugh.

Your last impression should be as good as your first. Therefore when you are leaving ensure that your walk is brisk and there is a smile on your face.

You must remember that the best-qualified person does not necessarily get the job. It is one who presents himself / herself confidently, speaks well and sells himself / herself at the interview. And this can be despite the fact that others may have better qualifications and more experience. The person who makes the interviewer believes that he has that extra magic and that the company cannot afford not to have him / her, is the one who will get the job. The extra magic is really preparation. Successful persons will tell you that to succeed there is no substitute for hard work. Similarly for a good interview there is no substitute for preparation.

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