Job Interview Answers

Job Interview Answers :

Don’t use limiting words such as ‘only’ or ‘just’. For example, I supervise ‘only’ five employees. You’re assuming that five employees is a small number. The fact is that you don’t know what the interviewers consider a small number or a large one.

Do not be afraid to be humorous but avoid telling irrelevant jokes.

The most qualified person to do a job is someone who has already done it. As you answer the questions, cite your work and life experiences in examples to convince the interviewers that you’ve already done what they’re looking for and you’ve done it successfully.

Don’t lie or blame someone else. Don’t criticise your current or former employers.

If you do not know the answer, say so immediately.

Have valid reasons for your answers. You did something because your parents / friends / teachers said it was the right thing to do…. does not convey a positive image of you. Don’t say anything negative about yourself without saying something positive to compensate.


While a smile is expected, loud laughter is inappropriate at an interview, as is giggling. However, if it is the interviewer who has cracked a joke and is the type who expects a reaction, it can be hara-kiri not to laugh.

Your Questions….

All good things come to an end. Usually the interviewer will give you the signal when he begins to close the interview. At this time, he’ll also ask you whether you have any questions. This is your opportunity to clarify doubts that you may have and to impress the interviewers. Do not smile fatuously and say NO.

Ask. What should you ask?

Check through the queries that you may have regarding the job - the position that you are hoping to fill, the number of people who will be working with you and the like.

You may be unclear about some of the responsibilities that you may be entrusted with.

You may want to know a little on the company and its policies.

You may want to know about the personnel policy.

If you have not been told when you will be told of the decision, this is the opportunity for you to ask how long it will take. This will prevent you a great deal of anxiety later.

While asking questions, ensure only relevant questions are asked.

Do not ask a question for the sake of asking. Avoid the interrogation trap of questioning the interviewer on something he has already responded to.

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