Job Interview Attire

Job Interview Attire :

Dear Candidate,

You may tell the interviewer your personality traits that may be of relevance to the job if you do not have experience.


I have capacity for hard wark.

I can increase your sales.

I can introduce systems that can stream line your operations.

General Tips

Now you have applied for a job in a company. You have received an interview notice. Let me give you few tips.

Before your interview, find out everything about the company. You may read their annual report, paper advertisements, news item or you may talk to some of its employees.

Examples... Their products, services, turnover, customers,working environment etc.

You have already sent your application, resume etc. Reread your application. Guess the questions that they might ask you. in which you have studied, your place of living, tourist places of interest at your place, the specialisation of subjects and how they are helpful to the company etc. You should try to anticipate the general questions that many interviewers ask.

Convince the interviewers that you are the right candidate to do the job.

Also convince them that you will fit in with the organisational structure of the company.

While you attend the interview go wearing neat dress. Dress smartly for the interview.

Leave your home early. These days traffic jam is a common affair in any city.

Take with you the original certificates, marks card, copy of the resume and application and interview notice.

Report to the concerned staff after you reach the premises of the interview.

Some times, both the written test and oral interview are held on the same day with a gap of an hour or so. In such a case take pen, pencil, rubber or whatever is needed to write in the written examination.

Health care is essential. Check your speech before you leave for interview. Let there not be any indisposition.

Dress maketh man. Dress is an indicator of one's personality. It also tells about your nature and temperament.

Let the dress be neat, well ironed and let it not be bright or very prominent.

Male candidates may wear shirts, trousers, safaris or suit.

Female candidates shall wear saris or salwar kameez.

One has to avoid jeans, low cut blouses, sleeve less blouses and see through dresses.

Only thing you should be familiar to the dress you wear.

Take care of weather and season. Do not wear too tight dress, suit in summer or an ordinary shirt and trouser in winter. Let the dress suit to the weather conditions.

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