Job Interview Dress Code

Job Interview Dress Code :

Serialised Interviews

The problem with these interviews is they take a lot of time. Besides, even though the process may be standardised, there is bound to be personal bias. An individual chosen by one team may have been rejected by another. To that extent there is a lack of uniformity. Even then at the end the line managers who choose will be the same. The other issue is that the first interviewers are generalists and may not, therefore, ask the right questions.

Technically sound and very competent individuals could therefore be rejected.

This method is best suited for entry-level positions.

Lunch / Dinner Interviews

Often for senior positions the interview is arranged at a restaurant or at a club. In these cases the reputation, ability etc. of the interviewee would already have been investigated and checked. It may be the second or final interview and may be to determine the suitability of the interviewee - to ascertain how he is able to interact in a social environment. There could even be a tacit understanding that the person is the one who fits the need. This meeting is to gauge whether he will fit into the company culture and whether the initial feeling of the suitability of the individual is right.

Structured Interviews

In this type of interview, all candidates are asked exactly the same questions and graded according to the same parameters. The intention is to do away with human bias. I am not sold on this because I believe that gut feel is important at the final stage when one decides on whether to hire a person or not. It cannot be based on an individual answering all the questions.

Stress Interviews

Here interviewers ask questions that candidates do not expect - to put them in a stressful situation in order to see how they handle it. Its intent is also to see whether interviewees can think on their feet and make fast decisions. It is useful in high-powered jobs or where a person has to react quickly to unexpected situations.

Compatibility / Adaptibility Interviews

In these interviews, candidates are given problems to solve. These problems are sometimes scientifically developed to see how compatible the individual will be to a particular job. These cannot be the sole basis for selection though and must lead on to a face-to-face interview.

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