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Job Interview Guide :

What could be the acceptable reasons for your inability to attend?

There can be a host of reasons such as:

• A death in the family

• Serious illness of a very close relative such as a parent which makes your presence critical.

• You may be out of the country or the city for an important meeting.

• You are taking a nationally recognised examination such as that of the Institute of Chartered Accountants or the final of a post-graduate degree course - dates and times that cannot be altered or .changed.

• Urgent medical reasons.

If these are one of your reasons, you should ask for another date. The one excuse you must never give is that you have another interview at the same time at another company. The prospectivie employer will conclude that you think that the other offer is more prestigious. No one wants to be rated second-best.

Once the date and time has been agreed upon, ensure that it is prominently written down somewhere. It would not be appreciated if you forget the date or time of the interview and fail to show up.

Reimbursement of Expenses :

If you are required to travel and the communication is silent or the matter of reimbursing expenses, you should enquire whether your expenses will be reimbursed as the cost could be significant especially if it entails an overnight stay. Often, I find that if an employer is unprepared to reimburse the actual cost of transport (the mode will depend on the importance of the position and your own standing), it is not worth even considering the company as it is an indication that they are far too stingy. This shows that the company may not reimburse you-if you do join-on other occasions where you have legitimate expenses or you may be made to compromise.

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