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Job Interview Guides :

Interview Location :

You should be aware of where you are likely to be interviewed. The interview may be in your city or at another location.

If it is at the city/town where you live, it is advisable to go to the venue at least once. The purpose being that by going to the offices of the prospective employer, you will be able to ascertain….

• The distance from your residence/present place of work to the venue.

• The time it takes to get there.

• The best mode of transport to the interview venue.

You could also get a gut feel - a feeling about the prospective employer. Going to his offices and seeing his staff will give you an idea of the company's culture and the kind of employees it has.

If the interview is in another city, it would be a good idea to get there the previous day for the opportunity of checking the venue.

What you should take with you? :

While some letters calling you for an interview are explicit about what you should bring, many are silent. This is because the interviewers are prepared to take you at your word regarding your experience and qualifications at the interview. Usually, they do not have the time to go through the certificates, attestations and testimonials that you have and are prepared to leave that to the human resources people to verify.

Even though they may not be required, I believe that you should take anything that is relevant and supports your application along with you. There can be, during the interview, an occasion where you could show a particular letter of appreciation or a mark sheet and that could be the factor that results in your being offered the job. The critical word here is relevant. Do not take unnecessary papers with you. It would only cramp your style.

AS a rule, it is always useful to have a pen, paper and, if possible, a diary with you.

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