Job Interview Question and Answer

Job Interview Question and Answer :

Eye Contact

Maintain normal eye contact with the interviewer and try to control (even if unconsciously) the tendency to stare or look down. You should remember that the eye is the mirror of the soul.

What you should Avoid…

The interviewer will be aware that you are nervous and make some concessions. However, if you are given to nervous twitches and habits like…

Biting or chewing your lips

Scratching your nose, ears, chin or neck

Wringing your hands

Tapping the floor with your foot

Fiddling with a pen

Handling your hair

Biting or picking your nails

Or some other expressions of discomfort and nervousness, you must contain yourself as they can be distracting and irritating. You may be unaware of these habits. Ask someone who knows you well to observe and conect you.

How to Answer Questions?

Project confidence and a positive attitude.

Be aware of your voice, posture, energy level and enthusiasm.

Gesture with your hands to emphasise important points, but don’t overdo it.

Avoid distracting gestures.

Establish a rapport with each interviewer. Note the words used by each interviewer and w'hen appropriate use similar ones.

Maintain eye contact with each of the interviewers throughout the interview.

Be attentive. Listen to each question carefully and don’t interrupt. If you aren’t sure of what is being asked, politely request that the question be repeated.

Pause and think about your answer before speaking. Speak clearly.

Choose the right tone and vocabulary to match the formality of the occasion. Use varying pitches to add interest and colour to your voice.

Do not be obsequious or flippant when answering a question.

Answer it seriously and briefly. Do not go on and on - you’ll bore the interviewer.

And always answer the question that’s been asked and not one you would have preferred to have been asked.

Keep your answers brief and relevant. If your interviewer wants more information he will ask you.

Emphasise on your professionalism and ability to communicate effectively by speaking clearly and avoiding ‘uhs’, ‘you knows’ and slang.

Use positive words. Instead of‘if, ‘I think’, ‘I feel’ and ’I wish’ use ‘when’, ‘1 am’ and ‘I would’.

Use action words. Here’s a sample….

Accomplish Achieve Coordinate Delegate Develop Direct Establish Evaluate Execute Expedite Implement Improve Increase Initiate Introduce Implement Lead Manage Negotiate Organise Recommend Reduce Reorganise Resolve Review Revitalise Supervise Train Transform Upgrade

Be concise, logical and to the point. Use short sentences.

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