Job Interview Question Answer

Job Interview Question Answer :

There are several types of interviews that are conducted. There may be one interview or a series of them with one or several interviewers. The method varies from organisation to organization and from position to position.

One-to-one Interview

At a one-to-one interview, you will be interviewed by one person. He will ask all the questions. In most cases, he/she will be a senior person who has the authority to hire you. The trouble with these interviews is that the decision hinges on the views/thoughts of one individual. If that individual takes a dislike to you, there is no way you can get the job even if you are eminently qualified.

However, decisions get taken very fast. In addition, in these interviews the individual doing the interviewing is the person the interviewee is likely to be working with. In those circumstances, it is but logical that the interviewer and interviewee get to know - and hopefully get to like – one another.

Panel Interviews

In this case, the candidate is interviewed by three or more people at the same time, with one of them acting as the chairman. Each of the panellists may play a specific role or ask certain prearranged questions. These are usually agreed upon between the interviewers.

A lady I know attended an interview where she faced a panel of three people - a kindly old man, a rude and obnoxious individual and an aggressive, driving and driven woman. The rude person was nasty and would make cutting remarks some of which were personal. The kindly person would intervene and ask a question nicely. The lady would ask questions to determine how ambitious the candidate was. The poor lady was totally confused. She hated the rude man and had to often bite back a rude repartee. She held back tears when the kindly man intervened. She was taken aback by the aggression of the other lady. After the 20-minute interview (but which felt much longer), she was asked to wait. She was told 10 minutes later by the rude man who had now transformed himself into a kind person, that she had got the job. It was only then that she realized that she was being tested and that each person was playing a role.

The job was in the service industry and the interviewers wanted to determine how passionate she was, how she’d handle a rude customer and a regular customer.

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