Job Interview Question

Job Interview Question :

Wardrobe :

When planning your wardrobe, you must ensure that what you wear suits you and is appropriate. You must dress with a bit of flair and a sense of fashion. The last thing you want is to be called dowdy or old-fashioned. Fashion is today. Style is forever. This does not mean it should be up to the minute. It should be contemporary. To be stylish is to be aware of fashion, not controlled by it. Fashion is what we’re given. Style is what we choose. Having said that, you should also ensure that you are comfortable in what you wear. It must also be appropriate. You cannot walk into an interview in party clothes (even though they may look wonderful on you). The clothes you wear should be in keeping with the place and the purpose. When in doubt…. dress conservatively. The point I am stressing is that if you are appropriately dressed, the interviewer will be in a more accepting frame of mind. He’ll think…. “He is one of us”. This is very important.

The interviewer needs to identify with you and you with him. In short, your clothes must make a statement even before you speak a word! You must not let your clothes sabotage your career.

Men :

Men should wear clothes for an interview that reflect both their aspirations and their position. It must also be appropriate. Geography, climate and custom often dictate what you wear. In London it would be inappropriate to wear a light summer suit in winter. In Mumbai, it would be foolhardy to wear woollens. The clothes one wears should be appropriate not only to the city but to its climate. It should be in keeping with what is customarily worn in that city. In Kolkata and New Delhi, it is customary to wear suits in winter, while in Chennai and Bangalore it is not.

While it is not necessary to be trendy, your accessories - such as the cut and colour of your clothes, tie and shoes - should be current. This indicates that you are aware of current fashions and that you are discerning. Many interviewers have a mental image of the person they’d like to employ. They would like someone like themselves. Therefore, if you’re trying to join a bank or a traditional organisation, you should dress like a banker. If you wear a red shirt and leather pants for an interview to a bank, the traditionalists will be horrified and reject you. You will not be considered ONE OF US.

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