Job Interview Questions and Answer

Job Interview Questions and Answer :

Many find it helpful to talk to other candidates to relieve their nervousness. If you decide to do so I suggest that you gauge the mood of the other candidate first before making an approach. Everybody may not like an intrusion into their private space, especially at moments like these. Different people handle similar situations differently. Folded arms, crossed legs, eyes averted or immersed in reading tells you not to intrude. A relaxed sitting posture and willingness to smile or making eye contact indicates a greater openness.

If you start a conversation with someone, make sure that it is not irritating or creating discomfort to other candidates present. Always be considerate. There may be someone (another waiting to be interviewed) who may start a conversation with you. There is no harm in being polite and speaking with him. You may learn something that may help you in the interview. What you should not be is rude. Above all, while you are waiting remember that someone may be watching you and .that the observation made could have some weightage when the hiring decision is made.

Long Delay

Sometimes interviewers have no regard for your time. You arrive 15 minutes or more before the interview and are then made to wait along with others for half an hour, an hour or more. If you are senous about the position you probably have no choice but to wait. Otherwise, you should try and send a message that you are waiting and that you have other matters to attend to and enquire whether you can be given another time or date. Most interviewers will not take umbrage to this.

Not Able to Go

Heaven forbid, but something may come up that prevents you from going for the interview. This may be…

An illness

A death in the family

Some other cause

Should this occur, you should ring up the interviewers and explain. They are usually understanding and may even give you an interview another day. It is rude (however genuine your reason) to not inform. In that situation they would assume that you are not interested and will not entertain you in the future.

You must remember that the best-qualified person does not necessarily get the job. It is one who presents himself / herself confidently, speaks well and sells himself / herself at the interview. And this can be despite the fact that others may have better qualifications and more experience. The person who makes the interviewer believes that he has that extra magic and that the company cannot afford not to have him / her, is the one who will get the job. The extra magic is really preparation. Successful persons will tell you that to succeed there is no substitute for hard work. Similarly for a good interview there is no substitute for preparation.

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