Job Interview Questions and Answers

Job Interview Questions and Answers :

People do notice the details of your image. More importantly, people make assumptions about you based upon your late or mid-afternoon image just as much as they do at 8 a.m. According to a study conducted by two economists (the Hammermesh-Biddle project) attractive people have higher incomes. This was true even for construction work, telemarketing and other jobs that did not require public contact. To highlight this point, the Wall Street Journal article reporting the project’s findings was titled - Good Looks Can Mean a Pretty Penny on the Job.

Anyone can be perceived as being attractive. Yes, anyone. If you pay attention to the finer details of your image, you can be perceived as attractive and professional, whether you are dressed up or down.

In today's digital world, the visual aspect has never been more critical. Harry Beckwith, author of Selling the Invisible, says that people do not simply form impressions of others, they become anchored to them. Beckwith claims that busy people - almost all people today - are apt to make snap judgments of others and then base all their later decisions on them.

Can you afford to make a stressed and rumpled impression? No…not if you consider that your success or getting the job you want is often tied to others’ perceptions of you. A prominent CEO recently said…. “If people only knew that it can take two years to undo one negative impression, surely they would try harder.” Communication statistics reveal that three things are determined about you in only five to thirty seconds, whether accurate or false.

1. Your socio-economic status

2. Your educational level

3. Your desirability

In the end, we all tend to associate well-dressed individuals with intelligence and achievement. And most people like to be associated with winners. Thus, well-dressed and well-groomed folks are always granted more opportunities to prove themselves, more opportunities for success. Business is a game, somewhere between war and sport. Both war and sport require strategies to win. Just as the best sports equipment can give an athlete the competitive edge, a crisp business-like image can work to help you get the job you want as well as promotions and raises.

There are many things in life that we have no control over. One thing you can take charge of is your image. You actually have a monopoly on it. Avoid the pitfalls of a harried image with these tips. A successful image attracts greater success. And success leaves clues in your physical image. Buy the best garments and accessories that you can afford. Have goals to get ahead and work on them by dressing for the job you want, not the one you have. And finally, when fully accoutered, stand tall and with your shoulders back. You will be seen as the confident person that you are. And you will impress the interviewer.

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  • Related Links : Job Interview Questions and Answers