Job Interview Questions to Ask

Job Interview Questions to Ask :

What’s your greatest weakness?

Bad Answer : I work too hard or for the comedian - Blondes.

This question is a great opportunity to put a positive spin on something negative. But you don’t want your answer to be cliche - joking or not.

Instead, try to use a real example of a weakness you have learned to overcome.

Good Answer : I’ve never been very comfortable with public speaking - which as you know, can be a hindrance in the workplace. Realizing this was a problem, I asked my previous employer if I could enroll in a speech workshop. He said YES. I took the class and was able to overcome my lifelong fear. Since then, I’ve given lots of presentations to audiences of over too high level executives - I still don’t love it, but no one else can tell!

What salary are you looking for?

Bad Answer : In my last job I earned $35,000 - so, now I’m looking for $40,000.

If you can avoid it, don't give an exact number. The first person to name a price in a salary negotiation loses. Instead, reiterate your commitment to the job itself. If you have to…. give a broad range based on research you’ve conducted on that particular role in your particular city.

Good Answer : I’m more interested in the role itself than the pay. That said… I’d expect to be paid the appropriate range for this role based on my five years of experience. I also think a fair salary would bear in mind the high cost of living here in New York City.

Why should I hire you?

Bad Answer : I’m the best candidate for the role.

Good answer will reiterate your qualifications and will highlight what makes you unique.

Good Answer : I’ve been an Executive Assistant for the past ten years - my boss has said time and time again that without me the organization would fall apart. I’ve also taken the time to educate myself on some of the software I regularly use (but didn’t really understand the ins and outs of). I’m an Excel wiz now…. which means 1 can work faster and take over some of what my boss would traditionally have had to do himself. What is good enough for most people is never really good enough for me.

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