Job Interviews Questions

Job Interviews Questions :

The Lost Interviewer

The lost or clueless interviewer wonders why he is there in the first place. He does not know what to ask and usually sits and listens to what the others have to say. He sometimes interjects to the surprise of everyone concerned, with a question - a question that may not have any bearing on the others being asked.

The Insecure Interviewer

The insecure interviewer has a problem….an inferiority complex. He often feels that he is in an area beyond him, that he should not be interviewing in the first place. These people should never have been there in the first place as it is inpossible to get a proper assessment from them. Additionally, their anxiety can be infectious and may add to the nervousness you are already feeling. In short, instead of making you feel relaxed, these interviewers make you more apprehensive.

How do you identify them? They…

Often do not make eye contact.

Play with their pens, parts of their body and do not keep still.

Talk on unrelated subjects as they are unsure about the questions they should ask.

Have a prepared list of questions and after they have asked those have no more. As a consequence they do not ask supplementary or leading questions.

Tend to agree with all that you say.

Lose control of an interview and often let it drift.

Ask you to repeat information that you have already given.

Ask you questions that require only a YES or a NO.

Try to impress you.

Try to get you to answer what they want to hear.

Many of these interviewers may have come up from the ranks and are line managers. They are good at their jobs but little else. They have had little training and may be out of their depth. All the best in your endeavours of job searching.

Your Stance

You have appeared for the interview to get the job. Nothing more and certainly nothing less. Therefore…

You should give the interviewers additional information so that they realise you are best suited for the position.

You should be cooperative and clearly show that you are a team player.

You should appear calm and patient.

This may be necessary as often you may be asked to wait for a long time. At other times the questions may be repetitive.

Even if you are irritated, you should not show it. You should be diplomatic and tactful.

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