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Job Search Cover Letters :

Job Search Cover Letters

A resume cover letter is a letter accompanying your resume in job application. It is a very influential tool to get an interview. Since the average advertised job opening usually gets around 200 applications of more, the hiring personnel will usually shortlist the applications. The applications without any letter are the first ones to go.

The logic is that if you are too lazy to write one, you’ll be too lazy to work. The next to go are the poorly written cover letters. The logic is the same, if you are too lazy to write a good one, you’ll be too lazy to do a good job too. If they are happy with it, then they will look at your resume. After that the shortlist is completed.

Now, here is another important advice, when you do get recommended to fill a position via your network of friends and recruiters, do include your cover letter. Most people do not include a cover letter in this situation. If you include your cover letter, you immediately set yourself apart from the others.

So how do you write a good cover letter?

Follow these rules for Job Search Cover Letters

1. Always write to a specific person…. not TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN or Dear Sir/Madam. To find out, call the HR department and find out whom the HR manager is or the name of the manager in charge of the department you want to work under. Use your network. Do you know someone who is in the company or industry? Can they help you?

2. Always make sure you are 100% correct in spelling, grammar and facts. Use the spell and grammar checker from your word processor. If you are not very good, get someone to edit the letter.

3. Research the target organization and include information or facts relating to you would be job or industry.

4. Analyze the job. Check for the noted and assumed needs and determine the most important skills the employer is looking for.

5. Address how you will meet the employers' needs.

6. Use a strong opening sentence. Do not use the standard openings like "I wish to apply for the position of … advertised in …" For example, if the job is for a sales manager, write something like "A proven track record in developing new business and increasing sales…" Design you opening to get the person to really read what you can do. Address the employers' needs identified earlier.

7. In the body of the letter, show them that you can meet the needs of the employer. Use the job advertisement and your network; do you know someone who is in the company or industry? Can they help you find out what are the important skills required for that job?

8. Make your cover letter visually appealing and coordinated with your resume. Do not overdo the style elements. One type font is never wrong (unless you are in the arts.)

9. Be concise. This is not your autobiography. Keep it to one page.

10. Conclude the letter with "the contributions I'll bring to your company …"

11. Use high quality paper. I recommend the South Worth Company Bond Paper, 32 lb., 100% Cotton Fiber. This premium paper is ideal for your resume and the cover letter. The rich elegant finish is creamy smooth with the substance, texture and strength of a pure cotton sheet. It provides superb print quality in both ink jet and laser printers.


Dear Dr. Evil:

In the last 12 years as an assassin, 5 of which serving the great Corleone family, I have developed the skills that ensure the highest level of competence, time management and confidentiality.

Allow me to highlight my strengths.

• Fluent in Italian, German and French

• Proficient in 7 weapons and 4 hand to hand combat skills

• Extensive meeting, event and execution planning experience

• Exceptional assassination skills

Most importantly, I quickly learn your preferences, your goals and objectives and I'll do my very best to aid you in your quest to eliminate Mr. Powers. I would appreciate the opportunity to present in greater detail the contributions I would make as one of your Elite Assassins. I can be reached at (999) 888-90000.

I thank you in advance for your consideration.


Silver Ninja


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