Leadership Interview Questions

Leadership Interview Questions :

What would you consider your biggest mistake?

This is a situation to show that you are a thankful person and the best way is to talk about your parents. You can talk about feeling that you have not thanked your parents enough. Though your parents don’t agree to it, you feel for all the sacrifices they have endured to always provide the best possible option for you they need to be praised every day.

What was the last book you read (or film you saw)? How did it affect you?

It doesn’t really matter what you say about the latest book/film, just as long as you have read/seen it. Don’t be like the interviewee who said the name of the first book that came to mind - In Search of Excellence - only to be caught by the follow-up…. ‘To what extent do you agree with Peters’ simultaneous loose/tight pronouncements?’ Also, by naming such a well-known book, you have managed only to say that you are like millions of others, which doesn’t make you stand out in the crowd. Better that you should name something less faddish – that helps to avoid nasty follow-up questions. And you needn’t mention the most recent book or film you’ve seen. Your answer must simply make a statement about you as a potential employee. Come up with a response that will set you apart and demonstrate your obvious superiority. Ideally you want to mention a work that in some way has helped you to improve yourself. Anything that has honed any of the 20 key personality traits will do.

What are the personal traits required for a successful career?

While talking about your personal traits, remember that every trait you speak about is properly explained. The best options would be determination, punctuality and the aptitude for knowledge. Explain how your determination will help you to go on in taxing times. Punctuality will make sure that the deadlines are met. The aptitude for knowledge will always facilitate utilization of every' advice in a positive manner.

Do you think you can handle a high-pressure situation?

The best way to tackle this question is with a blase attitude. Say that you enjoy pressure as you love challenges. You can also support the answer by talking about your professional experience and how it has taught you to maintain a calm head when in pressure. No matter how the situation might be, one should never lose his cool. You believe that when furious, a person can never take an appropriate decision.

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