Letter of Argument

Letter of Argument :

Letter of Argument :

Dear Mr. Blank,

The man on your pay roll who doesn't work is fired.

The truck tire that doesn't increase profit is a grafter.

The man and the tire are in the same class.

Fire the tire and get one that will earn.

A tire earns by reducing hauling expense. Are yours doing that? If they are not, the S-V will. If they are, the S-V will do it better. It has 20% more capacity for work.

The S-V truck tire is simple. It's all tire. It all works. There is nothing grafting on its earning power. Intermediate bands, keps, staples, flanges, wedges, bolts, wires, cross-pins - all are scrapped. They don't work. Business has no place for them.

The S-V tire is forced on the wheel with no less than 25 tons pressure, so that when it is home it can't slip — can't creep. It strengthens your wheel as a hoop strengthens a barrel.

It has no right, no left. There is just one way to apply it….like the ring on your finger. When it's on, you forget it until yon suddenly discover that you are not changing' tires as often - that your truck is running more hours per month - that it's riding easier over the rough spots.

Truck Tire Economy - an interesting and worth-while story--mailed to you today, will tell you more about the worth of S-V simplicity.

Yours very truly.

This is a very convincing letter, filled with argument and proof from start to finish. It is one of a series sent out by a leading tire manufacturer to educate truck owners to the advantage of S-V truck tires.

Letter of Argument :

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