Letter of Release

Letter of Release :

Letter Concerning Payment Made But Not Credited To The Account :

Dear Mr. / Mrs…...,

I received your letter of [date] in which you state that your records indicate my present balance owing is $_________.

As of March 30th, I did, in fact, have an outstanding balance of $________. On April 5th, I mailed a check to the store in the amount of $__________. When this payment failed to appear as a credit on my April 30th bill, I telephoned the credit office and spoke with a young woman who, after locating a record of the payment, assured me that the credit would appear on the May 30th bill.

I am enclosing a Xerox copy of my cancelled check dated April 5th. I shall appreciate your prompt efforts in correcting this error in my account as soon as possible. Thank you for your early attention to this matter.

Letter of Acceptance for Purchase Security Agreement :

Dear Mr. / Mrs……,

Attached is an accepted copy of your Purchase Security Agreement for the [specify equipment]. There are [number] remaining quarterly payments. Your first quarterly payment will be due on [date] and we will mail you an invoice for it approximately one month prior to that date. Please return the remittance portion of the invoice with your check.

Under the Agreement, this contract is non-cancellable during the term of the contract. The balance, however, can be paid off at any time prior to the expiration of the contract.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for your business. If you have any questions concerning your contract, or if we can be of service to you in any way, please let us know.

Letter of Default on Promissory Note :

Dear Mr. / Mrs…..,

Reference is made to a certain promissory note under date of (DATE) in the original amount of $______. You have defaulted under said note in that the installment due on (DATE) in the amount of $______ has not been paid.

Accordingly, demand is hereby made upon you for full payment of the entire balance on said note in the amount of $______ including accrued interest to date.

In the event the entire balance is not paid within the next seven days, I shall refer this matter to an attorney resulting in additional costs of collection.

Letter of Release :

Dear Mr. / Mrs…..,

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that ___________________(Releaser) for and in consideration of the sum of $1.00 lawful money of the United States of America and other good and valuable considerations, to him in hand paid by _____________________ (Releasee) has remised, released and forever discharged and by these presents does, for himself, his heirs, executors, administrators and successors, remise, release, acquit, satisfy and forever discharge the said Releasees, their heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns, of and from all and all manner of action and actions, cause and causes of action, suits, debts, dues, sums of money, accounts, reckonings, bonds, bills, specialties, covenants, contracts, controversies, agreements, promises, variances, trespasses, damages, judgments, executions, claims and demands whatsoever in law or in equity arising directly out of the acquisition or operation of that certain ________________ which against Releasees he ever had, now has, or which his heirs, executors or administrators, hereafter can, shall or may have, for, upon or by reason of any matter, cause or thing whatsoever, from the beginning of the world to the day of the date of these presents.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Releasor has caused this Release to be executed this _________day of (DATE).





Letter of Release

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