Letter of Request for Employment Reference

Letter of Request for Employment Reference :

Letter of Request for Employment Reference :

Dear Mr. / Mrs…...,

We have received an application for employment from (NAME) seeking a position with our firm in the capacity of ______. We understand the applicant was previously employed by your firm. Accordingly, we would appreciate a reference on the individual, including confirmation of the dates of employment with you, performance evaluation, and reasons for termination.

Please advise whether your reference should be held confidential.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

Letter of Request for Estimate to Conduct Real Estate Appraisal :

Dear Mr. / Mrs……,

One of the requirements for obtaining refinancing on my [property] is to obtain a current appraisal for the lender who is [name of lender].

The location of the property which is to be appraised is [address], [city], [state] and the appraisal is to be based on the land value plus improvements.

I would appreciate your providing me with an estimate of both time and costs in order for you to prepare an appraisal that will meet the lender's requirements.

If you have any questions regarding this appraisal, please give us a call.

Thank you.

Letter of Request for Extension of Time to Make Payment on Account :

Dear Mr. / Mrs…..,

My next [specify] payment will be due on [date].

Due to an unexpected emergency that has occurred, I will be unable to make this payment by the [date], I am requesting an extension of [time] to make this payment.

If you review my file, I believe you will find that my payments have generally been made in a timely fashion.

My relationship with your bank is very important to me as well as my desire to maintain a good credit rating.

Thank you very much for your consideration of this request.

Letter of Request for Extension to Make Payment on Promissory Note :

Dear Mr. / Mrs…..,

According to the terms and conditions of the promissory note I signed on [date of note], I am obligated to tender my payment in the amount of $5,000 to you on [date].

I have just been informed that funds which were to be paid to me prior to the due date on the note have been delayed. Needless to say, this comes as a great disappointment to me. I have been assured, however, that these funds will be in my possession by [new date].

I am requesting that the due date on the promissory note be extended for a period of one month and a just consideration for said extension be suggested by you.

I will look forward to your early response.

Letter of Request for Immediate Insurance Coverage on An Employee :

Dear Mr. / Mrs……,

Enclosed please find an enrollment form for the above captioned individual. [Employee] is a transfer from [specify]. It is the [name of firm]’s desire to waive the waiting period. We are requesting immediate coverage on this employee.

Your consideration in this matter will be appreciated.

Letter of Request for Employment Reference

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