Letter Regarding Insurance Cancelled

Letter Regarding Insurance Cancelled :

Letter with Insurance Binder :

Effective Date and Hour






This binder is evidence that ___________________________has placed the described insurance with the above Company for the amount set forth. This binder shall remain in force for ____days from the date of commencement of liability hereunder or when, if earlier, it is replaced by a policy of the Company, and is subject to all the terms and conditions of said policy as customarily issued by the Company. This binder may be cancelled by the Insured by mailing to the Company written notice stating when thereafter such cancellation shall be effective. This binder may be cancelled by the Company by mailing to the named insured at the address shown in this binder written notice stating when not less than ten days hereafter such cancellation shall be effective.



Letter Regarding Insurance Cancelled :

Dear Mr. / Mrs……,

This correspondence is to inform you that your above subject notice, effective [date] is of little effect inasmuch as the coverage was, in fact, canceled on [date]. We wish to advise you that this oversight on your part shall in no way accrue an earned premium or short rate due by this insured.

If you are in disagreement with the information I have stated above, please direct any future correspondence to my attorney.

Name of Attorney

Law Firm





Letter Regarding Insurance Services Rates :

Dear Mr. / Mrs…..,

Insurance rates are competitive! Before you renew your existing Group Medical Insurance package, we would like to take a moment of your time to let you know what's been going on at [COMPANY NAME].

We offer a complete medical plan, including: Life and Accidental Death Coverage, $100.00 per individual - $300.00 per family deductible, 80% Major Medical with Stop Loss and $300.00 Accident benefit.

The monthly cost for [COMPANY NAME] Plan for businesses with between 3 to 12 employees is $41.88 per individual and $100.00 per family. Our rates for businesses who have more than 12 employees are similar, but must be quoted individually.

We take pride in being able to offer this coverage for these low rates and in our reputation for handling claims in a speedy and efficient manner with the least amount of paper work possible.

Thank you for giving me this moment. For more information on [COMPANY NAME] Medical Plan, please call any of our service representatives at (813) 457-4488.

A Medicare Supplement Plan and Pregnancy Coverage are available as options to our basic policy.

Letter Regarding Intent to Sell Unfinished Goods :

Dear Mr. / Mrs…..,

When we were notified of your breach of contract, there were several units of goods being manufactured in our plant, which were intended for delivery to you under the contract we entered on [date].

It is commercially unreasonable for us to proceed to complete these units and is therefore notifying you of our intent to offer these unfinished units for sale in the near future. We will, of course, be sending you a notice when a specific time and date has been set for said sale.

Although we are under no obligation, we are providing you with you with this advanced notice as to our intentions in this matter.

Letter Regarding Insurance Cancelled

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