Letters of Complaint

Letters of Complaint :

Exercise : III

NOTE : Please use unlined, white paper for this exercise. Because you are probably handwriting your letters, do not try to get them all on one page. Do not worry about creating a proper continuation or second page unless you are asked to do so.

1. Respond to each of the situations below. Write a letter to the company correctly using full block format. You may need to make up some of the details of your letters. Create a second or continuation page for one of these letters.

A. Write a letter of complaint to the Maritime Sports Equipment Company about an overcharge of $22.10 on a bicycle you had ordered from them. The original advertisement stated that the bicycle would cost $185.00 plus $25.00 handling charges. Use open punctuation.

B. Write a letter to protect all Insurance Company reporting an accident in which you were involved. Make sure that you include precise details of the accident and all the information necessary in making a claim. Use mixed punctuation.

C. Write a letter of application to the Barnwell Candy and Novelty Company Limited who want to hire someone to open up a new territory for their products in northern New Brunswick, particularly at all the little convenience stores in the country side. You heard about this job from Jack McNab, the company’s leading salesman and your best friend. Use closed punctuation.

2. Write the following letters. Use block format.

A. Write a letter to Zap Electric Company explaining that you are returning a recently purchased toaster because it is not working properly. Explain what the problem is and whether you expect it to be repaired or replaced. Use closed punctuation.

B. Write a letter to CKLB radio station, applying for a job in the advertising department. List your qualifications for the job in the letter. Use your imagination for this letter. You may sign the letter with your name or make up a fictitious name. Use open punctuation.

C. Write a letter-to-the-editor of your hometown newspaper about an issue that concerns you. Once your instructor has corrected your letter you might want to send it to your local paper for publication. Use mixed punctuation.

3. Write the following letters. Use a different format and punctuation style for each. At the top of each page, indicate the format and punctuation style you have used.

A. Write an inquiry letter to your local solid waste committee asking for information about how to deal with several different disposal problems, like paint cans, batteries, etc. Also ask about the availability of recycling in your area.

B. Write a NO response letter for the application letter to Barnwell Candy and Novelty in Question 1 above.

C. Write an order letter to Altamira Auto Parts. Order three items from one catalogue and two from another. Include information about payment and ask that the items be sent to an address other than the one listed in the heading.

3. Your instructor will check your letters. After the letters have been returned to you by your instructor, save them. You will be using them in Exercise IV.

Letters of Complaint

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