Letters of Inquiry and Request

Letters of Inquiry and Request :


A large number of business letters are written to ask questions and make requests. As a result, an almost equal number of letters are prepared to respond to these. In fact, a letter of request or inquiry may be the start of a cycle of letters that go back and forth between two people or two organizations.

Because these kinds of letters need the recipient to respond, it is important to write them in such a way that you get a favorable response.

At first, letters of request may look easy, but they require the same kind of thought, planning, and revision as any good composition. If your question is worded vaguely, the reader may have to guess what you want. If you ask too forcefully for something, the reader may be offended and ignore your letter completely or put off doing anything about it. The purpose of this kind of letter is to get someone whom you probably don’t know, to do you a favour. Often in cases like these, stating the reason for your request or showing how the recipient can benefit from it can be persuasive. A successful request letter, therefore, demands good clear questions and a polite, persuasive tone.

If you have several questions, it is acceptable to present them in a numbered list.

23 Riverside Drive
Fairmont Hotsprings, NB E3B 1Y9

January 4 – 1999

Lorimar Travel Services
Box 2113
Calgary, AB T6J 3P2

Attention : Customer Service Department

The Adult Learning Centre is planning a discovery trip to Calgary in July. We have fundraised for two years so thirteen adult learners can travel to Alberta for a two week visit that will include the Stampede, mountain hiking, and of various cultural sites. Most of our groups have never travelled more than fifty miles from home before. Could you please send us some brochures to help our planning?

1. What are the exact dates of the Stampede?

2. Is there a schedule of events we could have?

3. What is the cost of various events?

4. What kind of accommodations are available for groups like ours?

5. What museums and other sites are located within a two hour drive of Calgary?

As we still need a bit more money, could we ask you a favour? Do you know of any groups who might donate money or provide rate reductions (or even free services) for things like accommodation, transportation, or entry fees?

We would appreciate any information you can provide. Thank you on behalf of the group for your time and assistance.


Margaret Stonechild

Margaret Stonechild

Letters of Inquiry and Request

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