Making Effective Business Correspondence

Making Effective Business Correspondence :

You should recognise the importance of business correspondence as it is an introduction with the buyer in proxy which may clinch his response according to the impression created by the correspondence.

For creating a very favourable and excellent impression, you must use a decent letter head on airmail paper and a good envelope, nicely printed, giving full particulars of your firm's name, telephone, fax number and E-Mail address etc.

Your language should be polite, soft, brief and to the point, giving a very clear picture of the subject to be put before the customer. Letters should be typed / computer typed set, preferably in the language of the importing country.

Also make sure that the full and correct address is written and the envelope is duly stamped. It should also be borne in mind that the aim of your business correspondence is not only to clinch the buyer's order but also to obtain the information on the following:

  • The specifications of the products already in use in the importing country

  • Whether your product meets the above specifications…. If not, whether your specifications offer any distinct advantages in terms of prices, quality, after-sales service, etc….

  • The import policy including import duty prevailing in the buyer's country (e.g. whether there is any import licensing, any restriction on remittances, any pre-qualification for product/supplier, etc….)

  • The trade practices in the buyers' country with special reference to your product, information like whether importers import and distribute the product / high sea sales, whether agent is required to book orders from actual users, etc….

  • In case your item requires after-sales service, the manner in which it can be offered

  • The prices at which your product sells in the retail / wholesale market, the duty structure and any other cost element to arrive at the landed cost….

  • Information on the margins at which the product is sold…

  • This information will help you in evolving a pricing strategy.

  • Study of various market segments vir: Importers, Supermarkets, Government Suppliers, Institutional Sales, Tenders, Suppliers, etc….

  • The various factors that rule the market viz : Quality, Price, Delivery, Brand Name, Credit Terms etc….

  • Role of advertising and publicity and reference to the product and the country….

  • Normal mode of shipment i.e. by SEA, AIR….

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