Management Interview Questions and Answers 

Management Interview Questions and Answers :

Review the Important Points of your Interview :

Was there a good rapport between me and the interviewers? Yes / No If no, how can I prevent it from happening next time?

Was there any blunder? ….Yes/No….If yes, how can I avoid repeating these in future?

Am I satisfied with all my responses? Yes/No….If no. what could be the best possible reply?

The interview as a whole went well - OK / bad because...

This probably wasn't your first interview and it most probably won't be your last. If you want to improve, learn from this interview and use what you learn in future interviews.

Rejections in Interviews :

You may get rejected in the interview for any of the following reasons.

1. The other candidates were better.

2. The interviewers did not like you.

3. It was a non-existent vacancy. An in-house candidate was already selected before the interview. However, the organisation’s policies mandated that he compete with outside candidates. In this case, the candidates are called just to make up the numbers. And you happen to be one of those.

4. The interviewer’s hidden incompetence.

5. Lack of proper fit. You were underqualilicd / overqualified for the job or the wrong gender (as far as the interviewer was concerned). You may never know about the gender issue as most employers trumpet that they are equal opportunity companies.

Don’t let your standards drop. Being rejected at a job interview is not the end of the world. Sometimes there are factors that are beyond your control. Don’t stop using your positive approach. Treat every job interview with as much interest as you had for the first one. Prepare yourself for the interview with the same energy and pay attention to details. This is the only way to ensure that you arc eventually successful.

Every interview is an opportunity to show yourself off to your best advantage. This way, even if you don’t fit the job you were interviewed for, if the interviewer is sufficiently impressed, he can always consider you for an alternative post.

If there have been continuous rejections, you may need to reconsider certain aspects of your job search. Do you have the required qualification for the kind of job you have been looking for? Would an additional qualification help?

Do you consider your personal motivations and preferences before applying for any job? You might have been applying for the wrong kind of jobs. After some research, you may discover that there are certain jobs and professions where the skills and attitude that are needed are exactly the ones you possess.

Are you really interested in working for an employer or would you rather set up a business on your own? It is always a good idea to seek advice from career counsellors or an occupational psychologist to find out what is best for you.

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