Most Asked Job Interview Questions

Most Asked Job Interview Questions :

The socks should match the clothes. They are add-ons or complements and must not steal the attention. Socks should match the colour of the trousers. Bright or white socks are inappropriate for interviews as they break the linear look of the leg and can be distracting. Socks should extend above the pant’s hem when seated. As a rule of thumb wear….

1. Blue socks with blue trousers

2. Grey socks with grey trousers

3. Brown socks with brown trousers

4. Black socks with everything except brown trousers

Shoes complete the ensemble. The general rule is that brown shoes should be worn with brown clothes. Black shoes are to be worn with all others. Avoid white shoes. White shoes do not look good in a business environment. Ideally, the shoe should be well- structured like an Oxford brogue or derby. Casual lace-ups or slip-ons are all right for very casual aftairs. Shoes should be clean and well-polished. They must fit the wearer.

We have discussed how to write a good cover letter and how to utilize modular construction so that you can produce dozens of individualized letters from one prototype text. In addition, we have given examples of letters you might write in a variety of circumstances.

To make our presentation clear, we used a no-frills style of writing. Once you feel comfortable with the basics, you may want to write in a style that better reflects your own personality. To that end, this page will show you letters for a variety of situations written in a variety of styles. Please remember that these are samples, not models to be copied verbatim.

You must remember that the best-qualified person does not necessarily get the job. It is one who presents himself / herself confidently, speaks well and sells himself / herself at the interview. And this can be despite the fact that others may have better qualifications and more experience. The person who makes the interviewer believes that he has that extra magic and that the company cannot afford not to have him / her, is the one who will get the job. The extra magic is really preparation. Successful persons will tell you that to succeed there is no substitute for hard work. Similarly for a good interview there is no substitute for preparation.

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