Note to The Teacher

Note to The Teacher :


Sometimes it is necessary to write a note to the school, to your child’s teacher or to someone else in the community. The friendly letter format is also appropriate in these situations. Here is a sample note to the teacher. This is only a typical format. You can modify this one accordance with your needs.

November 2 - 1999

Dear Mrs. Fairweather,

Jason was absent from school all last week, November 26 - 30 with a fever and a cough. He is feeling much better now so he is returning today at noon.

Would you please be sure that he has all the homework he needs to catch up with the class before he leaves school today?

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Angie Butterworth


When writing letters of invitation, you need to take special care to think about your purpose in writing. For example, are you writing simply to invite them? Do they need to be persuaded to come? Do you need to know for sure that they are coming so you can make sure there will be enough food? Will they need a place to sleep? Depending on the situation, they (your audience) may need very precise information: exact location, exact time, appropriate dress, approximate costs and even sometimes whether it is necessary to reply to the invitation.

25 Albion Road
Moncton - NB E2C - 3Y9

April 26 - 2003

Dear Anna and Frank,

Next month on May 26, Mom and Dad are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. We’ve planned a homecoming weekend and invited family and friends. We’d like you to be part of the celebration because we know how close you were to them during the time that you lived in Thamesville.

Organized activities start with a supper and baseball game on Friday, May 26, at the church hall in Thamesville. On Saturday, we will hold an old fashioned picnic at Water Works Park, complete with games for both children and adults. The weekend will wrap up with a luncheon at the Dew Drop Inn at noon on Sunday. We are asking each family to contribute $20.00 towards a donation that we will be making in Mom and Dad’s name to renovate the local museum.

Please call Mary Margaret to let us know whether you’ll be coming and whether you will need accommodation. Her number is (506) 667-2111.

We’re really hoping you can make it.



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