Notice of Claim Lien

Notice of Claim Lien :

Notice of Cancelled Contract :

Dear Mr. / Mrs…...,

Notice is hereby given that we cancel our contract dated____________for the sale of [description of goods] to [name of firm] for the following reason.

That on [date], you breached said contract in the following respect.

Cancellation of said contract is effected in respect to that certain installment delivered on [date] and for any subsequent delivery of goods, contracted for in said contract, inasmuch as your breach impairs the contract as a whole.

We claim damages from you in the amount of $_________________.

Notice of Claim Lien :

Dear Mr. / Mrs……,

The undersigned claimant hereby claims a mechanic`s lien under section_______of the Civil Code of the State of _________ and hereby declares the following.

1. That a statement of claimant`s demand, after deducting all just credits and offsets, in the sum of $________.

2. That the name of the owner[s] or reputed owner[s] of the property is [are]…….

3. A general statement of the kind of work done or materials furnished by claimant or both is….


4. That the name[s] of the person[s] by whom claimant was employed or to whom claimant furnished the materials is [are]….

5. A description of the property sought to be charged with the lien is….

[Enter full legal description here]


Signature of Claimant

Notice of Dishonored Check :

Dear Mr. / Mrs…..,

Your check in the amount of $______ tendered to us on ______ has been dishonored by your bank.

Unless we receive good funds for said amount within _____ days of receipt of this notice, we shall have no alternative but to commence appropriate legal action for its recovery.

Notice of Dissolution of Partnership :

Dear Mr. / Mrs…..,

Notice is hereby given in accordance with the provisions of [Section and Code of State] that…

The partnership heretofore existing between [partners A] and [partner B] under the fictitious name of [fictitious name of partnership] at [address] City of _______________ County of _________________State of is now dissolved by mutual consent.

That [partner A] of the City of______________ County of________________ State of_______________ has withdrawn from and is no longer associated in the conducting of said business and [partner B] of the City of_______________ County of_______________State of will conduct said business hereafter, has assumed all of the outstanding obligations of said business incurred both heretofore and hereafter and is entitled to all of the assets of said business.

Said partnership is dissolved as of [date].

Signature :

Signature :

Notice of Expiration of Service Contract :

Dear Mr. / Mrs……,

Your [name] Service Agreement has expired for the equipment that we installed on your premises. We have not received a remittance or a reply to our previous request for payment. Perhaps this was an oversight on your part, or perhaps your payment is in the mail.

If you have not sent us your payment, please forward your remittance within ten (10) days or we will assume you do not wish to continue your Service Agreement.

Should you decide to terminate your Service Agreement, we will look forward to furnishing the same high quality service on your [name] equipment at our currently hourly rate of [amount] per hour, plus parts and travel expense.

If payment has been made or if there are any questions in regard to your account, please contact me at [phone number].

Notice of Claim Lien

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