Notice of Zoning Application

Notice of Zoning Application :

Notice of Termination of Lease :

Dear Mr. / Mrs…...,

Take notice, that pursuant to the provisions of paragraph ___ of that certain Lease under which you hold possession of the hereinafter described premises, I have elected to terminate said lease as of ___________ said lease is being terminated [set forth reason for termination] and you are hereby required to quit and deliver up possession of the premises on or before the above mentioned date.

The lease above mentioned is between ________________ as Lessor and _____________ ______ as Lessee is dated _____________ and covers the property commonly known as______________________________.

Notice of Zoning Application :

Dear Mr. / Mrs……,

You are hereby notified that an application has been made by [name of applicant] in compliance with the Zoning Ordinance for a [variance, exception, special use permit] for the property situated a [address].

That the purpose of this application is to [describe new use] and this matter will be heard by the [name of commission] on [date] a [time] in room______ at [name of building] at which time you may appear in person, or by agent or by your attorney.

This notice is being sent to you because as a property owner in the immediate vicinity, you may be affected by the determination made at the herein mentioned hearing. Please be advised to remain aware of what is happening with regard to this property.

Notice Prior Secured Party of Purchase :

Dear Mr. / Mrs…..,

TO : Prior Secured Parties

This is to notify you that the undersigned has or expects to acquire a purchase money security interest in and to the following described collateral.

[Describe the property with address]

Said collateral shall be sold to…

Name :

Address with phone number :

Debtor :

Insofar as you have an existing security interest on record as against the same type collateral, this notice shall inform you of our priority claim to the property being sold.

Notice to Account Debtor of Assignment :

Dear Mr. / Mrs…..,

You are hereby notified that on [date], [creditor] of [address] [city] [state] did assign all of his rights as secured party under the original Financing Statement, the date of which is [date] File No._________ filed on [date] at [place of filing] to [name of assignee]_______ of [address] [city] [state].

A statement of said assignment has been filed at [place of filing] on [date] bearing File No._______.

You are hereby noticed that effective [date], your [monthly or other] payments of $______are to be made directly to [name of assignee] at [address] [city] [state].

Notice of Zoning Application

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