Notice to Quit for Non-Payment of Rent

Notice to Quit for Non-Payment of Rent :

Notice to Insurance Carrier of Change of Address :

Dear Mr. / Mrs…...,

Pursuant to your recent correspondence dated [date], please be advised that we have moved our office to [address of new location]. Our telephone is [new phone #].

Please amend your records to show that our office location has changed and transfer said insurance pursuant to this request. As of this date, your insurance inspection representative went through our office. As I informed you, we do not anticipate any problems in transferring this policy.

Please advise, at your earliest convenience, that these matters as noted in this correspondence have been attended to by your agency.

Notice to Pay Rent or Quit :

Dear Mr. / Mrs……,

You are hereby required to pay the rent on the premises herein described, of which you now hold possession, pursuant to a written lease, amounting to $_____________ being the rent now due to me by you for the period from____________ to_______________ or you are hereby required to deliver up possession of the premises, within THREE DAYS after service on you of this notice, to the undersigned or the undersigned will institute legal proceedings against you, to declare a forfeiture of the lease under which you occupy said premises and to recover possession thereof, with treble rents and damages.

The undersigned does (not) elect to terminate the lease if the rent is not paid within three day.

The premises referred to are commonly known as…

[Address, apartment number]

[City, state, zip code]

(Legal description may be inserted)

Notice to Quit for Non-Payment of Rent :

Dear Mr. / Mrs…..,

You are hereby notified to quit and deliver up the premises you hold as our tenant namely… [Describe premises]

You are to deliver up said premises on or within _______ days of receipt of this notice. This notice is provided due to non-payment of rent. The present rent arrearage is in the amount of $_______. You may redeem your tenancy by full payment of said arrears within ______ days.

Notice to Subscriber of Subscription Expiration :

Dear Mr. / Mrs…..,

Having had the pleasure of mailing you [name of magazine] every month for the past three years, we were wondering if perhaps you haven't realized that your subscription ran out in [month].

We mailed you our [month] issue and have not yet removed your name from our subscriber's list inasmuch as we felt that you may be unaware that it is time for your renewal.

We have enclosed our renewal subscription card for you which provides for 12 issues of [name of magazine] at the low price of $__________per issue or $____________less than the newsstand price. As you can see, this represents a substantial savings.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Notice to Quit for Non-Payment of Rent

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