Nursing Resume Template

Nursing Resume Template :

The checklist

Did she show her positive characteristics in the best possible light? The first step is to be sure that the characteristics she shows are desired by a prospective employer. In this case she did have a solid basis for her choices, namely what she had learned from informational interviews.

The second step is to look at her examples. Are the examples credible? Nothing she has written stretches the truth. Instead, she has given examples that could come from the real life of a recent college graduate. She has also given examples from several sources-in this case, academics, work and her sorority. Using a variety of sources for your examples is a good idea. (For a more experienced worker, this means pulling examples from more than one job.) One improvement she can make is an explicit reference to her communication skills. A financial analyst is not just a numbers-cruncher.

Is her motivation clear? Part of it is. She lets the reader know that she has researched both her career goal and the particular firm. Further, she has implicitly demonstrated her seriousness by showing relevant positive characteristics. However, she needs to be careful. She must be sure that the particular firm to which she is writing actually has the characteristics she described. Don't use words just because they sound nice.

She knew the credibility gap she would have to bridge as a recent college graduate. It would have been great to show some related experience, but that wasn't in her background. She has partially bridged this gap by indicating positive characteristics the firm needs that she has, even if they were developed outside of a working environment

Many people believe that recent graduates "don't know what they want," they are "just looking for a job -any job." She has addressed that in part when she showed her motivation for fmancial analysis. The stronger and clearer that motivation is expressed, the more this part of her credibility gap is closed. If the firm which she is writing is not near her home or college, she should indicate that she prepared, perhaps eager, to relocate.

Her letter is well-organized and strong in content. Her sentences are straightforward and easy to read. Each sentence adds to the message she wants get across. Her letter is a very good example of her communication skill she makes the changes I suggested, she will be ready to consider her draft a good prototype.

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