Objectives for Resumes

Objectives for Resumes : The purpose of a CV is to inform briefly the reader of a number of points about you. This usually includes…

• personal details (name, address, telephone number)

• education

• training received

• work history - (the name of the company and how long you worked there)

• skills you possess

MAKING A CV WORK FOR YOU : Objectives for Resumes

Other details that may be included are…

• age and marital status

• addresses of where you worked

• hobbies and interests

• references

However, the aim of the CV is to do more than simply inform the reader of your life to date.

My definition would be….

A CV is your sales document that highlights your skills, achievements and experience in such a way that the reader is motivated to meet you.

The objective of a CV is not to get you a job or to win you a contract, but to get you an interview or meeting.

The role of your CV in finding a job….

Where you are ........ (Cover Letter + Resume + Application Form) ……interview / meeting …..Where you want to be

The CV plays a central role in getting you from where you are to where you want to be.

It accompanies or helps in completion of an application form.

It is usually accompanied by a letter.

It leads to the all-important interview / meeting.


I was looking to buy a house recently. When I visited estate agents, I collected a number of house details - in fact a great pile of them! The purpose of the details was to arouse my interest by….

• informing me of the particulars of the house.

• presenting the property in the best possible light, so that I would want to view it.

I was not expected to look at the details and say 'I'll buy this house, please'. (Although I am sure the estate agents would not have complained if I had.)

Someone wanting to buy a house has a great number of properties to choose from. People may have certain criteria that need to be met….

• price

• location

• number of bedrooms

• size of garden

But many houses may meet these criteria. The aim of the estate agent therefore is to present those details in the most attractive way, so that people want to visit the property to find out more.

Our CV must do the same. Whatever the purpose of the CV, our objective will not have been met unless it leads to a meeting. It is vital that we present ourselves in the best and most appropriate light. So our CV is not simply about supplying information about ourselves. Objectives for Resumes are above.

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