Obtaining An Export Licence

Obtaining An Export Licence :

Exports free unless regulated

The current Export Licensing Policy of the Government is contained in the new Import Export Policy and Procedures. The Policy and Procedures are amended from time to time. However, for the sake of information of the prospective exporters, it may be stated that all goods may be exported without any restriction except to the extent such exports are regulated by the ITC (HS). Classifications of Export and Import items or any other provisions of this Policy or any other law for the time being in force. The Director General of Foreign Trade may, however, specify through a Public Notice such terms and conditions according to which any goods, not included in the ITC (HS). Classifications of Export and Import items may be exported without a licence.

Such terms and conditions may include Minimum Export Price (MEP), registration with specified authorities, quantitative ceilings and compliance with other laws, rules, regulations.

Application for an Export Licence

An application for grant of export licence may be made in the form to the Director General of Foreign Trade and shall be accompanied by the documents prescribed therein. The Export Licensing Committee shall consider such applications on merits for issue of export licences.

An Inter-Ministerial working group in Directorate General of Foreign Trade shall consider applications for export of Special Chemicals, Organism, Materials, Equipments and Technologies (SCOMET) on the basis of guidelines issued in this regard from time to time.

Export of Canalised Items

An application for export of canalised items mentioned in ITC (HS) Classifications of Export and Import Items may be made to the Director General of Foreign Trade.

Trade Fairs / Exhibitions

Any one wishing to organise any Trade Fair / Exhibition abroad, would be required to obtain a certificate from an officer of the rank not below that of an Under Secretary to the Government, in the Ministry of Commerce or an Officer in The Trade Promotion Organisation duly authorised by its Chairman in this behalf, to the effect that such exhibition, fair or as the case may be, similar show or display, has be approved or sponsored by the Government in the Ministry of Commerce or the Trade Promotion Organisation and the same is being held in public interest.

Gifts / Spares / Replacement Goods

For export of gifts, indigenous / imported warranty spares and replacement goods in excess of the prescribed ceiling / period, an application may made to the Director General of Foreign Trade.

Export through Courier Service

Import / Exports through a registered courier service is permitted as per the Notification issued by the Department of Revenue.' However importability / exportability of such items shall be regulated in accordance with the Policy.

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